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Join YOUR Council of Remote Leaders

Founders, Managers & Executives

The place to go to talk about remote leadership

Conferences are time-consuming, books are one sided, others can’t relate but you crave thoughtful discussion around how other folks think about leading teams.


Pre-Vetted Quality Leaders

Curating an incredible network of leaders without using ‘rational’ benchmarks like their type of business or revenues. We curate based on who they are and what they stand for.

Curated Process

Members are interviewed to make sure they're leaders in their field and are a helpful people whose principles align with ours.

"This is the community I wanted years ago"

Najeeb Khan
2nd Time Founder


Roundtable Discussions

Monthly discussions about leadership challenges like motivating employees, hiring & firing people, and work-life balance.

Virtual Co-Working

Get focused & get work done.

Pair up with other remote leaders and tackle your to-dos in a group setting.

Coaching & Lessons

Whether it’s productivity accountability you need or a coach to help you develop your leadership strategy, you get all that.

Also get access to lessons and webinar that’ll help you grow your company remotely.

Benefits & Perks

$130k+ in Free and Discounted Services

Reduce your expenses and get started right away of using the tools and services that help grow your business forward.

Exclusive Access

Join an invite-only curated group of leaders and participate in programs held by Council Club and its partners. Join incredible remote leaders from around the world.

Steps to Join

1. Apply

If you qualify as a leader, apply to join through the application form below.

2. Interview

You'll be contacted for an interview if you've been selected for the first round.

3. Access

If accepted, you'll get access to Council Club and a curated group of leaders.

Join your community of like minded Remote Founders and go further, faster, together

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