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WFH Can Be Better

Let's face it...

Working From Home is Broken

I’ve been working remotely from home for 7 years.

Before that I was working in an office as an architect.

I enjoyed working from home in the beginning, I enjoyed the freedom and it meant no more daily 45 minute commuting. For the first few months it was like the honeymoon phase, just paradise. But after some time it felt a bit lonely & isolated.

What Working at Home Was Really Like

I missed the office chit-chat and team banter. Now that I work at home, I didn't have that anymore.
Whether it was chores or waking up later, it was easy to procrastinate.
No Work/Home Separation
I tended to work longer and there wasn't any way to separate work and home life.

So I joined a meetup...

I went to events, mastermind groups, online groups and many other communities.

From free to higher price points

I paid $8,000

Some networking was all about sales/business cards. Some on the higher end were great to build relationships, and were great to catch up once or twice a year, but it didn't allow for a quick chat easily without scheduling the conversation weeks in advance.

What I missed in an office

The simple chats with people I can trust to bounce ideas off or catch up easily
Formal and informal level of accountability
Different areas to work if I wanted to change up my workspace

I thought I was alone...

Ever since my last company, I've spent a bit more time talking to others and found out that there were others who felt the same.

Some who not only found working remotely lonely, but went into depression.

I asked, how can I help solve this? What will the future of remote work be?

After spending more time thinking, researching and testing it this is what I think:

1. I believe Remote Work should be better than working in an office

2. It needs to be designed in a way that's built on community & values

From accountability partners to peer groups, I realize what works. But instead of finding the things that work across several groups, what if there was 1 club that had it all?

Introducing Council.Club

To help remote founders connect, support & cowork with each other

There are 2 areas: Community & Collaboration

Working & Growing Together

This is what I believe is the future of remote work. Anytime, Anywhere. I hope you'll join me on this journey. See you inside.

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