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BoundaryLess Awards

Winners Announced!

The Best in Remote Work

Working remotely is different. We are a special breed. A new way of doing things that many don't get. But we also know that it's the way of the future. More convenient, more flexible.

That's why this Award was created, to recognize the trailblazers, the leaders and the advocates.

This is not only for companies but also the champions of Remote Work across 16 Categories.

The Category Winners!

Behind the Name

BoundaryLess is meant to focus less on the word 'remote' or 'distributed' and more on the community at large.

Details For The Winners

You can list and embed the award on your site and marketing materials, however it needs to have 3 elements:
1. One of the images below (light or dark)
2. Link to this page for websites and @CoWopClub for Twitter
3. The official name of the Award is the 2019 CoWop Boundaryless Awards. So you're company would the the "2019 CoWop Boundaryless Awards in Video" etc

For any questions, please contact us below